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One of the philosophies of Hospice of Tennessee Valley is that we believe each and every patient is very important and has been entrusted by the families to our care.  We take that commitment very seriously.  Each patient has unique view of life and what is important to them.  Each family has their own value system and what is important to them.

We believe that patients and families dealing with incurable illness or declining health deserve to have as much loving support as possible. So, when each patient is brought on service, we not only provide the hospice services required by regulation, but we also look for opportunities to make our patient’s and their families lives better.  We want to create good memories and make these difficult times the best they can be.  I guess you could say we want to “Embrace the Spirit of Life with Comfort and Dignity”.  So, you will see this phrase in our advertising and in our pamphlets. 

One way we fulfill special needs of patient’s is through our Dream Maker program that if there is something the patient would like to improve their quality of life, and, they truly do not have the means, and we can afford to do it, we try to make that dream come true.  

Some examples of Dream Maker activities for some of our patients have been:

Bird Feeder and Installation:  The patient wanted to watch the birds through her window while she rested.

Fishing trip

Trip to See the Amish Country


Arrangements to see someone they have been longing for

Pest Control

Shower fix for hole in side

Chess Pie

Chicken Stew

Trip to See the “Old Homestead”

Elvis Presley CD

Alabama Baseball Cap

Generally these have not been expensive things because frankly, we can’t afford expensive things but, never the less, we have had a great impact on these patients lives in the ‘little things’ we do for them. When we are able to do something special for someone, it warms our hearts so much to do it.