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The Music Ministry provides the spiritual lift of music for patients and families who are dealing with an incurable illness.  Research has proven over and over that listening to music can result in very positive health outcomes, as well as, influences emotion.   Music has been proven to trigger memory and trigger response from patients who have seemingly become unresponsive.  Music is a great tool to calm situations and enhance family time together.   Families and patients of Hospice of Tennessee Valley may request the Music Ministry when they feel it’s time for a lift.  We have many stories of how bringing live music to the patient has resulted in great benefit. 
The Hospice of Tennessee Valley Music Ministry is not required  by hospice regulation but is another “above and beyond” service we provide to improve the overall wellbeing of our patients.
Patients receive Music Ministry by request and our Music Minister sings Gospel, Country, Pop,Christmas, Patriotic and other songs by request.